Bollywood Actresses And Their Grand Transformations


Priyanka-Chopra  [tps_footer]Makeover is a big word in the world of fashion. A perfect shade of lipstick, some knitting and stitching and you become a dazzling beauty. Might sound filmi to you and why not, when many actresses in the Bollywood industry has gone from looking ugly duckling to elegant swan. Many caterpillar turned into butterflies here, all thanks to some knife and scissors. Here are some of the transformed beauties of Bollywood.

Rekha, then and now is just wow! From being a plump dark complexioned heroine, she bloosomed into a diva. We would do anything to know the secret behind this transformation. She is like a wine, who gets hotter with age!

Karisma Kapoor
We all hated Karishma Kapoor’s initial look. With an ugly mop of frontal hair and dense eyebrows, she looked weird in many of her earlier films. It is her Kapoor pedigree that made her look bearable. But then she turned gorgeous! Thick hair was smoothened and the nose rectified and we have this stunning version of Karisma Kapoor, which we absolutely love!

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Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa too saw a Rekha kind of metamorphosis. Bushy brows and unkempt hair were replaced by perfectly formed brows and beautiful hair. Add to that a fabulous figure with smooth skin, and Shilpa is still one of the desirable women in India.

Now this actress doesn’t really care how she looks but the pressure of her profession did make her mend certain things in her like the uni-brow, frizzy trasses and a plumpy frame. Thank god she stumbled onto Manish Malhotra. Today she is not only a great actress but also a diva.

Priyanka Chopra
She might deny she went under the knife to mend any mistakes on herself, it is evident from her before and after pictures. Those slim lips have been chucked for more fuller ones while the nose now looks much slicker than before. That doesn’t happen all by itself like a miracle. But whatever it is, we love how she looks!

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