Bollywood Reacts To Delhi Gang Rape Accused Ram Singh’s Suicide

The Bollywood fraternity has reacted strongly to the news of Ram Singh's suicide in Tihar Jail.

MUMBAI: The Bollywood fraternity has reacted strongly to the news of Ram Singh’s suicide in Tihar Jail.

Ram Singh, the main accused in the horrific gang-rape and murder of a 23 year old medical student, was found dead on Monday morning – hanging in his cell by his clothes tied to the grill.

While 33-year-old Ram Singh’s family is claiming that this was not suicide, but rather murder, the Indian film fraternity has reacted to the news with varied emotions.

While some Bollywood stars like Rahul Bose hoped the accused would reform, most stars showed anger, disgust and wished for a faster judicial process where such accused would be hung by the government and not by their own will.

Sonam Kapoor: Once a coward always a coward. Don’t celebrate Ram Singh’s suicide. The brute has earned himself an arduous, traumatic trial. Instead he gave himself the easy way out.

Farah Khan: Ram Singh, main accused in the Delhi gang-rape case, commits suicide in Tihar Jail. Hope the others follow him too!

Mini Mathur: Delhi gang rape accused Ram Singh commits suicide in jail. Maybe he should have stuck an iron rod into himself first then it would have felt more real.

Sophie Choudry: Ram Singh, main accused in the Delhi gang rape case hangs himself. He did to himself what the law should’ve done to him ages ago! Ram Singh took the easy way out. He deserved to suffer much more for what he had done. But it’s still one sick rapist less on our planet!

Kunal Kohli: Ram Singh hangs himself. Do we wait for the others to get dengue? Human rights activists please do not see this as a wrong act. I wish the justice system was faster to have hung him, instead of himself.

Raveena Tandon : Those who are asking me questions, on whether Ram Singh committed suicide or was hung. Frankly I don’t give a damn. Just happy the b……d is dead. May he rot in hell.

Ram Singh was the driver of the bus which the victim boarded. Singh and five of his associates allegedly brutally gang raped and murdered the student.

The victim’s family said that they were “surprised but not saddened” by the suicide and want “the other four accused to be sent to the gallows”. But Ram Singh’s mother says, “He made a mistake – he admitted that to us – but even God forgives one mistake.”

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