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Everyone earns moniker in Bollywood. Amitabh Bachchan is called Shahenshah, Shah Rukh Khan is called Baadshah while Aamir Khan is the perfectionist. So we thought gifting titles to other actors as well who deserve one for their work. Here they are:

Salman Khan – No script please!
One actor who is happy doing mindless films again and again even if his fans are bored of it. Come hail or storm, he will not do a film that has even a hint of a story. For him, that doesn’t work.

Deepika Padukone – Beauty with a broken heart
She may be the reigning queen of Bollywood right now but she lost her heart to Ranbir Kapoor once and is yet to retrieve it. He has moved on to Katrina Kaif but it seems she still harbours a soft spot for him.

Riteish Deshmukh – Mr Ya Miss
It is nothing less than irony that Riteish Deshmukh looks amazing as a woman. The way he gets into a drag act is simple fascinating. No wonder people liked him more as girl in Apna Sapna Money Money rather than his real self. Yes, you may count Humshakals here too.

Alia Bhatt- Smart Blonde
Guess even Alia Bhatt won’t deny she is partly dumb at times. She got everyone make a twitter joke out of her when she gave shocking answers to questions asked by Karan Johar on his show. But it takes an actress like her to come with a video which shows her as a dumb girl who shines into an intelligent person towards the end. Slap on every internet troll’s face? You bet!

Tiger Shroff – Pehchaan Kaun?
With the way he has made himself up, it is still debatable whether he looks like a girl or a guy. Hence, the epithet of Pehchaan Kaun best suits him. The random jokes on him as to how he resembles both Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Gandhi are simply hilarious.

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Sonakshi Sinha – Hop, jump and skip
Sonakshi Sinha is seen in so many films doing the same things that it gets jarring at times as which film did she do last. Hopping from one set to another has become a cakewalk for her.

Bipasha Basu – Ghostly affair
The way she is doing horror films and the latter are becoming failure, Bipasha will end up nothing more than a ghostly reminder of a sassy Bong girl who scorched screens with her Jism and had no raaz to hide.

Akshay Kumar – Slow and steady wins the race
He doesn’t have a Chopra or a Nadiadwala to back him yet he is one of the biggest superstars of the nation today. He did many films together and left everything to fate. But hardwork never goes waste.

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