Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year Competes With Akshay Kumar’s Jaanwar?


Happy-New-JaanwarIt is an unsaid rule that when you have Shah Rukh Khan’s release that too on Diwali, you dare not release any other film. It’s not because the other film has to jostle for space at theatres but because it is not feasible to challenge the lion in his den. But a few filmmakers want to try and one of them is Suneel Darshan. Out of the blue Happy New Year has a film for company which Akshay Kumar’s Jaanwar.

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No, he didn’t work in the remake of his earlier film. Instead his old film has been digitally enhanced and re-released today. If you remember, it was the same film which had a broken, brooding and brutal animal Akshay Kumar turning a new leaf in life when an orphaned child becomes his companion. Now we don’t really know why Darshan re-released this out of many others. According to him, Diwali was the best day for the release but the question still remains, WHY?

We don’t really have to spell it out about its response. But when the director was asked the reason behind releasing it alongside Happy New Year, he answered it a cool, ‘It’s just a coincidence’. Really?

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