Some Of Bollywood’s Shocking Mishaps


Salman-Aamir-01 [tps_footer]Bollywood never fails to give us moments that leave us grappling for breathe. Sometimes they get so outrageous that the Court has to get into it. There have been incidents that made us wonder what has gone wrong with our celebs. Here are some of the preposterous incidents.

Kiss and protest
Richard Gere was in India to be part of an AIDS awareness campaign and unfortunately, it made news for all the wrong reasons. His intense kiss on cheeks of Shilpa Shetty at the rally sparked nation-wide protest. Now it seems Gere is unwelcome in India.

Unbuttoned on ramp
Akshay Kumar on the ramp is a riot because he engages the audience while he sizes up the ramp. But for Levis, he did something unbelievable. He came down from the ramp and asked his wife to unbutton his demins. Many would say it was cute but it did create a lot of controversy

Rakhi ka chumma
Mika Singh likes to celebrate birthdays in a weird way and one of his antics involve kissing his female guests on the lips. He did the same with Rakhi Sawant but the latter was far from amused. She created huge uproar and earned a lot of controversy points.

Kaka ka akhri dao
Everyone loved and loves Rajesh Khanna. His films are the best things that happened in those days. But Wafaa that closed his innings in Bollywood before he shut his eyes forever, is easily a blotch. It was pathetic and pitiful to see the superstar become a part of such a mess.

Pee-time for Aamir Salman
What on earth were Aamir and Salman thinking? What did they think, boys who pee together stay together? This is perhaps the worst public display of brotherhood!

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