Bull Attacks Basanti: Hilarious Tweets On Hema Malini Being Attacked By A Bull


Hema Malini attacked by a bull at Mathura Junction Railway Station.

On November 1st, Bollywood’s Dreamgirl and BJP MP Hema Malini was attacked by a bull at Mathura Junction’s Railway Station. The visit was a surprise inspection of the railway station and its facilities. After the incident the station manager, K.L Meena has been suspended as he has failed to put a stop to the cattle menace on the station and its platforms. Hema Malini, who was surrounded by bodyguards narrowly escaped the bull and was relatively unharmed.

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As soon as the incident got reported twitter exploded with tweets! Here are some of the funniest and wittiest tweets:

As reported, a probe has been ordered into the incident. As for the position of the station manager, a new station manager has been appointed in Meena’s place.

We hope now he will not let cattle stray onto the platform if he knows what’s good for him.

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