Conjoined Saba And Farah Refuse To Eat After Salman Khan’s Verdict

Saba-Farah-Salman-KhanBollywood Celebs, fans and family have been disheartened by the final verdict on Salman Khan’s 2002 hit and run case. Somewhere between all this verdict, Salman’s conjoined diehard twin sisters Saba and Farah Ahmed have gone on hunger strike showing their support for the actor after he was sentenced for five years of jail yesterday.

According to the reports, 18 years old Saba and Farah Ahmed have refused to eat anything after the final verdict where Salman Khan was founding guilty under all charges in 2002 hit and run case. They are totally disappointed and shocked with the decision made by the court yesterday.

Reportedly, the twins father Shakeel Ahmed said, “Both Saba and Farah are shocked that the court found Salman guilty. They have decided not to eat lunch. It is still to be seen if they will eat dinner.”

Residing at Samanpura locality in Patna Saba and Farah’s emotional bond with Salman Khan developed when the actor helped them to come to Mumbai by flight to tie rakhi on his wrist three years ago.

According to the reports, father Shakeel said that her daughters have been Salman’s fans since childhood. He said, their love has grown more for the actor when Salman Khan invited them to his house in Mumbai on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and gifted the two of them Rs 50,000.

Twins Farah and Saba are joined head to head since their birth. Medical tests show that the twins have distinct brains and are neurologically and psychologically normal, but only one of them has kidneys. The sisters share a vital blood vessel in the brain and Saba doesn’t have a kidney. According to the reports, the life of both can be in danger if surgery is taken place.

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