Rihanna’s Yellow Dress Garners Attention Again!


Singer Rihanna who has been in news a lot for her recent trousseau in the Met Gala event, is again gaining eye balls for the same.

In an interview the star singer was heard sharing that she had witnessed this beautiful dress on the internet while encountering a Chinese couture.

The dress as worn by the singer is tailored by a single Chinese woman. The outfit apparently took two years to take shape. The outfit was the creation of designer Guo Pei.

Another interesting fact about the dress worn by the Umbrella singer at the event is that it took three people to just help her climb the stairs at the venue.

Rihanna’s wardrobe was the most talked outfit of the event compared to any other celebrities who were present.

The singer was also trolled on the internet for her choice of dress, but the always in vogue fashionista surely knows how to not pay attention to unwanted comments!

The event was a Chinese themed event and Rihanna’s dress did immense justice to the same, along with her wardrobe the well-toned singer was also noticed for donning the classy yet traditional gold colored headgear.