Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City Wants To Give Hope To People Of Mumbai City: Tariq khan


Director Tariq Khan who is gearing up for the release of her upcoming film, ‘Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City’ says the film wants to give hope to people of Mumbai City.

When asked about working with the filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, Alisha disclosed she has singed a new untitled project with director Tariq which will be written by Mahesh Bhatt.

In wake of the recent events and the MeToo moment in Bollywood, Tariq said, his upcoming directorial ‘Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City’ wants to give hope to people in distress.

“The film talks about a very sensitive issue, it looks into the lives of people who find no way out of their problems but to resort to suicide. Whether a businessman, from film industry, Middle class family, or people to come to the city with dream. But our film gives them a hope, we talk about the issues as well as the hope for theirs lives on the other side.”

He further added, “It is very saddening to see the things happening in the industry right now and the stories that have come out. I don’t want to say any names but maybe these are the situations in which people resort to extreme decisions and out film is trying to stop people from taking that extreme step. ”

The film ‘The Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City” talks about a struggling singer in Mumbai, addresses many sensitive issues like depression, communal harmony and mental health that exist in our society.

The film stars Mahesh Bhatt as a painter and lead actor Avi as a struggling singer who then suffers from depression and considers suicide.

Directed by Tariq Khan, ‘The Dark Side Of Life: Mumbai City ‘ will release on 19th October.