Deepa Mehta Speaks About ‘Midnight’s Children’

Soha Ali Khan in MIdnight's Children

[pullquote_left]Darsheel Safary, who plays the young Saleem, was a tough act to follow! Darsheel is a natural but also very disciplined for one so young.[/pullquote_left]

You’ve  shot scenes of holocaust and  the battle including the Bangladesh massacre.  You are no stranger to massacre scenes. How  difficult  was  it  for  you  to  shoot  scenes  of  such  unimaginable  brutality? It  can  be  very  emotionally  draining.  However,  those  types  of  scenes  often  require  a  huge  level  of  focus  and  orchestration  to  pull  off,  so  often,  While I’m  concentrating  my  energy  on  creating  such  a  scene,    when  I  walk  away  or  get  a  rare  moment  of  quiet,  I  emotionally  process  the  implications  of  what  we  just  shot.  While  it  may  not  be  real  life  on  a  film  set,  to  know  that  at  some  point  in  time,  certain  events  were  real,  with  real  people  is  quite  powerful  and  humbling  to  say  the  least.

Tell  me about  your  next project in some  detail.
The  next  project  is  a  film  called  ‘Masterpiece’,  a  story  about  the French artiste Henri Matisse  and  his  nurse,  model  and  muse,  Monique  Bourgeois  that  we  will be  shooting  in  France.  It’s  all  very  exciting  and  I  very  much  look  forward  to  shooting  it. But after  some rest when Midnight’s Children releases.

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