Deepika Padukone Smashes Coconut On Rohit Shetty’s Head

Rohit Shetty, we all know is very serious when it comes to shooting action scenes and otherwise very jovial on the set. The director though will think twice before playing a prank on Deepika Padukone.

MUMBAI: Rohit Shetty, is known as a jovial director on the sets. The only time he is serious is when he is shooting the action sequences of cars, buses, and bikes rolling in his film. While he never shies away from playing pranks on his actors, he faced the wrath from none other than Deepika Padukone.


Rohit Shetty demands that the actors should have fun but also listen to him. This was said in good humour but it did not quite go well with Deepika Padukone.

The actress was quick to react and smashed a coconut on Rohit Shetty’s head. Thankfully being the last day of shoot, Rohit Shetty did not have to bother about schedules.

As for Deepika Padukone, well people were surprised to see this avatar of the actress who sportingly laughed it off later.

The ‘Chennai Express’ team did not hesitate to upload the video on YouTube. In the end it was all in good humour. Now we know the reason why Rohit Shetty is scared of Deepika Padukone and why he was at his wit’s end facing the actor even during the trailer launch. Once bitten twice shy!

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