‘Delhi Belly’ Writer Akshat Verma To Direct Film In Mumbai


MUMBAI: When ‘Delhi Belly’ came out two years ago, it was hailed for its bold content and down-to-earth language. It is known to everyone that the writer Akshat Verma wanted to in fact direct it too. But under Aamir Khan’s supervision, Abhinay Deo ended up directing the Imran Khan-starrer and Akshat Verma had to wait.


Finally, Akshat Verma is now getting a chance at directing his first feature film. The film will be in the mould of the first film, with but set in Mumbai instead of Delhi. The film will also have slices of black comedy.

The yet-untitled film is being produced by Disney UTV.

Akshat Verma confirms that Mumbai will be his destination this time around, but insists that the film he’s writing is very different from Delhi Belly. “It’s too early to give out any details as I have to work and rework on the writing,” he said.

Whatever it is that Akshat Verma ends up making, we’ll keep our eyes open for it. ‘Delhi Belly’ was a hugely entertaining film, so we have great hopes from Akshat Verma.