Dil Remake To Happen Without Aamir Khan- Madhuri Dixit?


Dil-Remember Dil? The two bickering classmates end up becoming true lovers? A sensational kiss and some melodious songs? A kanjus makkhee choos Anupam Kher? Yes, you do! Aamri Khan and Madhuri Dixit’s biggest hit Dil is still new and fun to watch.

No wonder that the director of this 1990 hit is interested to remake it for the new generation.

Reports suggest that Indra Kumar will direct the remake again but this time he will go for new actors rather than Aamir Khan or Madhuri Dixit.

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He had once confessed that if Dil is remade, Aamir will not suit the character. And we think it is true. We ignore a 40 something Aamir playing an 18 year old engineering student in 3 Idiots.

It will be difficult to overlook that again because if a mistake is carried out twice, it becomes a blunder.

We wonder who would fit the story which we hear will undergo some changes keeping in sync with the present day. Varun Dhawan might fit the bill or Siddharth Malhotra as well.

There’s also Ayushmann Khurrana who would look pretty cool. As for the actresses, we can’t think about anyone but Deepika Padukone to do the honours.

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