Shah Rukh Khan Only Reads Funny Reviews


Happy-New-Year-03Happy New Year is minting money for its producers. While trade pundits are busy keeping a track of every penny it is making, Shah Rukh Khan fans are up in arms against everyone who tries to put him behind Salman Khan and Aamir Khan.

Nobody cared that Critics weren’t too happy with the film and its content which too mindlessness to another level. Guess that prompts Shah Rukh Khan to not read any reviews of his films.

While talking to the press in Kolkata, Shah Rukh revealed that he doesn’t like reading reviews. But he clarified that it doesn’t mean he thinks they are less important. He explains that his sense of humour is different than the rest.

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He likes to make fun of him most of the time, and at times mocks at others also but he doesn’t think people take his humour properly. Hence, he stopped reading reviews.

SRK further said that he only reads those that are funny. If someone is trying to teach him the art of filmmaking, he doesn’t think he needs to know that. He knows enough about filmmaking.

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