DJ Priyanka Chopra Goes All Out To Promote ‘In My City’


[imagebrowser id=243] MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra, the latest singing sensation in Bollywood, who has firmly carved a niche for herself in the international music scene, is going all out to promote her first single, ‘In my City’, in her home country as well.

The lovely, leggy lass was spotted at the Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour in Mumbai, on December 14th. Priyanka has been chosen as the brand ambassador for the fashion tour, and is utilizing this platform to the hilt, to promote her platinum-selling debut single.

Looking stunning in a short LBD (that’s little black dress, for the uninitiated), Priyanka interacted with the media, and fielded the questions posed to her.

Ankit Rawat’s club ‘Ghost’ saw Priyanka Chopra’s electrifying DJ performance for the first time.  Ankit, the owner of Ghost club, was extremely enthusiastic at the divas performance at his club. Priyanka Chopra reportedly loved the vibe and the crowd of Ghost. We also spotted Reyna Malhotra, Amy Billimorai, Narmada Ahuja, Rituparna Sen Gupta at the venue. The club was buzzing with A-list crowd, fantastic music and everyone’s natural state of excitement at Priyanka’s DJ’ing. Priyanka, the multi talented actress-cum-singer is also extremely media savvy. It is no surprise then, that she keeps her 32+ lakh fans updated about her every move. The singing star took to twitter to react to the alleged miscommunication and rumors that were spread about her performing her single.

Priyanka tweeted: “Ok so there is a serious Miscommunication about tonight! I’m NOT performing live!! I’m DJing at all 4 clubs..Hard rock.. Fbar..Ghost and Hype!”

Further adding about her no-show as a performer, Piggy Chops clarified, “And to all asking.. I will be performing live soon.. We’re waiting for a few more singles to come out so it can be a full on performance..”

These tweets were grouped under the hashtag #InMyCityPubCrawl, really sort of defining what Priyanka Chopra would be doing at these clubs. She has taken to twitter and other social networking sites in the recent past too, to help promote her single, which features international music sensation Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas fame.