Don’t Miss: Anushka Sharma To Pose With Transistor For PK


Anushka Sharma Main coverAamir Khan knows pretty well how to get audience’s attention. He doesn’t believe in being subtle. Shock value is something he banks on and PK’s poster is a classic example of that.

After, the ‘controversial’ transistor act by Aamir Khan which generated a lot of buzz; Anushka Sharma will be seen in the ‘PK‘ motion poster, and that too with a transistor.

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The actress is seen in the video, which she posted on Twitter, clearly saying that after Aamir Khan, it’s now my turn to feature with the ‘controversial’ transistor. She tweeted, “Mujhe tukur tukur dekhna hai? Toh pehle isse dekho,” along with the link to the special video. ( Check out the video below)

The film’s fourth poster will be launched on the instant messaging app WhatsApp- a recent strategy that major commercial films have been adopting as part of their film promotions.

Anushka in the video has said that the next motion poster will be out on October 16, 2014 on ‘Whatsapp’.

To get the motion poster, all one needs to do is make a ‘Whatsapp’ group of ten or more people and add the ‘P.K’ number given at the end of the video. We are anxious to see what the poster will look like.
Watch Video Here: