An Emotional Shah Rukh Khan Still Grieves For His Late Parents


SRK Main coverIt really warms the cockles of our hearts, when our very own Bollywood stars display their humane, emotional and vulnerable sides. Such was the vulnerability displayed by Bollywood baadshah Shah Rukh Khan himself.

Father of three. Husband. Brother. Actor. Superstar. Shah Rukh Khan plays the many roles in his life with ease, but one role the world has not seen him play has been that of doting son. Shah Rukh Khan rarely talks of his late parents, Mir Taj Mohammed Khan and Lateef Fatima, whom he lost at a very young age.

Recently, Shah Rukh reminisced about his late parents, and posted a series of tweets expressing his longing and missing for them. On the sets of Happy New Year, SRK was reportedly discussing his parents with the boys on sets, and it was then that the superstar got nostalgic.

Taking a walk down memory lane, Shah Rukh Khan tweeted: “Talking to boys on the sets of Happy New Year, we talked of our parents. Miss my parents now on the drive back from the shoot. They went too early.”

Too early, indeed. The much loved global superstar lost his parents when he was still a little boy. His father passed away when Shah Rukh was only fifteen years old, and his mother’s demise occurred in 1990. His father was suffering from cancer, while his mother too was ailing from a prolonged illness.

Shah Rukh’s’s mother’s death goaded the young actor to move to Mumbai, to try his hand at cinema. The one thing Shah Rukh Khan claims to regret is that both his parents didn’t live to see his stupendous success.

We pray that wherever they are today, they are smiling down on their wonderful boy, who made a name for himself in the history of Indian cinema as the foremost superstar.