FASHION FILES: Alia Bhatt Is The New ‘Copycat’ In Town!



Celebrities are always lauded for their sense of independent style and individuality. But sometimes, even they disappoint by aping another’s style statement. Having an army of stylists at their disposal, such scenarios, we feel, shouldn’t arise at all.

Close on the heels of Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra’s fashion faux pas, newcomer Alia Bhatt seems to be taking after her, at least in the copycat department.

Case in point is debutante Alia Bhatt’s me-too dress at the Vogue awards this week, which was an exact replica of Jennifer Lopez’s Walk of Fame dress. The white and orange Dior dress that Alia donned looked same-to-same to the one JLo donned at the prestigious Hollywood walk of fame.

Alia has been a repeater before too, aping Isha Sharvani’s va-va-voom backless nude coloured gown at another event.

Whether this was a lapse on the part of her stylist, or Alia’s own wardrobe choice: whatever seems to be the case, we sure wish Alia had exercised a little more caution in this situation. Especially as she was seen at a high fashion event like a magazine awards show!