Film Director Satyajit Ray’s Wife Bijoya Ray Passes Away

bijoy-rayctorLegendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s widow Bijoya Ray passed away on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 after a prolonged illness. Bijoya Roy who was 98 survived by son Sandip Ray who is also a well-known film director.

Bijoya Roy was suffering from a lung illness and was admitted to speciality hospital Belle Vue clinic yesterday with Pneumonia. She was immediately taken to the hospital last evening after body started giving up and her condition deteriorated. She was than put on ventilation support. After a long try and doctor’s best try to save her life, she passed away at around 6pm at Belle Vue hospital yesterday.

Born in 1971 and married on October 20, 1948, Bijoya Ray was the wife of the Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray. Bijoya Ray acted and sang playback song in a Bengali movie called Sesh Raksha in 1944 and also acted in the documentary Gaach.

Bijoya Ray remained a constant inspiration and influence in Ray’s life. She lived in Calcutta with her son Sandip, daughter-in-law Lalita and grandson Saurodip She had also penned her days with her famous husband in an autobiography ‘Amader Katha’ which was later translated into English as ‘Manik and I’.

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