Trailer Review: Minions Personify Cuteness And Make You Go Bananas!


Minions-TrailerUniversal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s Minions second and third trailer is as impressive as the first one. The new project of Minions gets the Minions to the past in its initial trailer and is hilarious at its best. With the staple mannerisms and funny moments this trailer of Minions automatically makes you smile and at the same time generates a curiosity as to what is their next mission. As they have no one to serve a purpose to, the Minions go into depression and there the trio goes ahead with a new adventure to find themselves a new master.

From dinosaurs to caves in the first trailer, the yellow beings now move to Orlando to conquer a quest in the second one. The trailer initiates with a tag which states that this is set 42 years before Gru (Steve Carell), the trailer in its initial minute itself makes you laugh and urges you to watch more. The second trailer of the movie becomes more sensible for ones who have already seen the initial trailer where it starts with minions as the oldest species on the planet. However we get a clearer picture of the plot of the movie to look forward to in the third trailer.

The grand and the dramatic entry of Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock), the evilest of all villains at the Villain Con International is one of the best parts of the second trailer. The high loaded music and the grand scale tunes make you all the more anticipated to witness the whole film. Well, the third one gives you an idea, that Scarlet is not just evil but her mission is larger than life. The new advancement of the Minions will have them deal with none other than Queen Elizabeth’s crown on Scarlet’s order. The bigger the mission the bigger the laughs is what they say about this trio.  The Minions will set the screens on fire with their hilarious adventures on July 10.