The Shaukeens: 5 Reasons To Watch The Film


Shaukeens [tps_footer]Remakes have a huge demand in the industry. Not all of them mint money but that hasn’t deterred anyone from making more and more of them. They chose a classic, pun on it and leave distaste in people’s mouth. But The Shaukeens that releases this Friday has all the trappings to be a different remake which people would love to watch. Here are the reasons why you should watch it

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  1. The Shaukeens is a remake of Shaukeen which was ahead of its time. Three retired old man falling for a young beauty was quite bold a subject for those days. But people warmed up to it because of its simple narrative. The Shaukeens looks pretty different from the original and instead of a common as a star like Akshay Kumar playing himself. It will be a laugh riot.
  2. Time and again, Anupam Kher has proved what he capable of. Give him any role and he will excel in it. That’s reason enough to check it out.
  3. The songs are slowly and steadily picking up which again will work in its favour. Meherbaani and Manali Trance have already caught listerners’ eyes.
  4. Abhishek Sharma, the director, is the one who helmed Tere Bin Laden that made us crack up effortlessly. So the puns and jokes in the film will be laugh worthy.
  5. There has been a lull at the theatres in terms of comedy films. The Shaukeens has in it to break that lull. So go watch it and boost your mood with some laughs!