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The sole convict on the death row of the 1993 Mumbai blasts case, Yakub Memon was hanged today. The case of Yakub Memon gained all the headlines recently since his plea for mercy was rejected. Even after several appeals to stall execution were being made Yakub’s fate was decided, the family left no stone unturned to try their best for the mercy plea.

After several difference of opinions, Yakub’s execution news spread like fire in the nation, with many expressing their opinions on the same the issue became a debate in the country, actor Salman Khan also landed in trouble for his tweets related to the sensitive matter. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor in his tweets expressed his sympathy towards Yakub Memon terming him as innocent, the actor further stated that Yakub’s brother Tiger Memon who is the real mind behind the massacre should be instead given the punishment. With a range of tweets on the already controversial issue, Salman sparked an outrage amongst his fans, many people protested on Salman’s immature tweets. Adding to it, Salman’s father Salim Khan also confessed that Salman should not have made such comments.

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With serious turns and twists Yakub’s case has finally reached an end. Whereas Yakub’s brother Tiger is still absconding since the blasts took place. The 1993 blasts shook the nation to its core killing 260 people and injuring 1500 and more.

After 22 long years the decision to hang Yakub Memon was acted upon. The sole convict was hanged in the Nagpur jail today on his 53rd birthday. According to the reports, Yakub prior to the hanging was handed over fresh clothes after bath and arrangements to read the Holy Quran were made at the Nagpur Central Jail. Yakub Memon was taken for a final medical examination. According to reports, Yakub Memon was hanged at 6.35 am. After the execution took place the team of doctors carried a medical examination and declared Yakub dead, the body was then handed over to Yakub’s family after the postmortem. Lastly, Yakub’s body was then brought to Mumbai from Nagpur for the last rites.

Adding to the details, Yakub’s family was restrained of carrying out a funeral procession by the Mumbai Police and strict safety measure were in place when Yakub’s body arrived. It was also noted that tight security was in place near the Mahim darga i.e. near Yakub’s residence. Also many areas in the city were under strict supervision by the police officials to avoid any mishap.

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