‘Gippi’ Goes From Baby To Baby Doll!

Spotted at the press meet of her upcoming film ‘Gippi’ was debutante teenage actor Riya Vij

More photosMUMBAI: New kid on the block ‘Gippi’ aka Riya Vij has traversed the journey from baby to baby doll!

Spotted at the press meet of her upcoming film ‘Gippi’ was debutante teenage actor Riya Vij, along with her director Sonam Nair and co-actor Taaha Shah. Powerhouse actress Divya Dutta was also present.

Riya, who is all set to make her on-screen debut in Karan Johar and Dharma Productions’ ‘Gippi’, directed by debutante director Sonam Nair, was over the moon as she spoke to the press about her film and why she got selected to play Gippi.

Dressed in a cute beige and orange jumpsuit, Riya fielded the questions posed to her like a pro, with a little help from director Sonam Nair. Speaking about the auditioning process, Riya said, “There were a few situations that were given to me without dialogues. It was very instinctive and I liked the process.”

“I never really thought of becoming an actor or getting into Bollywood. I just gave an audition and luckily for me it worked out. ‘Gippi’ is one out of 30,000.” added Riya.

Sonam adds that the film is sort of based on her own life experiences, “Gippi is something new and different that is coming to the screens. This is my story is some ways, from what happened to me during my puberty to the kind of people I was surrounded by. It’s heavily influenced by my life but the whole plot does not revolve around my story.”

Adding that ‘Gippi’ was made from the heart, and not for box office considerations, Sonam said: “Because my film was different, it got produced. There were no big budgets or risks involved. Also, I could not force a star in the film because the story did not require it. But just because there are no stars in my movie does not make it an off beat. It has all the elements of being a commercial film. Gippi was not made for box office reasons. It was made for love, let’s see what money it makes.”

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