Ranveer Singh Almost Died Shooting ‘Lootera’

Actor Ranveer Singh met with a traumatic accident on the sets of Lootera

MUMBAI: Actor Ranveer Singh met with a traumatic accident on the sets of his upcoming film Lootera, which almost killed him.

In the making of ‘Lootera’ video which you can watch here he talks about the injury which he feared would have a grievous effect on his health.

The actor faced an extreme pain in his back while he was shooting for ‘Lootera’, in snow bound Dalhousie. The injury incurred to him while climbing a mountain. Despite being asked for bed rest, we hear that the actor continued shooting, which resulted  in a critical back ache. Sources reveal that his condition worsened, he had to be hospitalised.

This is not the first time that the highly enthusiastic actor has had troubles on set. There are more instances where the actor had to face his fair share of mishaps.

Ranveer Singh hurt his fingers, while doing a scene in his forthcoming film ‘Ram Leela’.  For a scene in the film, he was ringing the temple bells for long, his fingers started to bleed. However, the actor shot the scene in one take.

Ranveer also got a nasty gash on his cheek which required a few stitches, on the sets of ‘Gunday’.  In this same film, there was a scene being shot in mud, and a piece of glass hurt the young actor’s foot.

Two films old, Ranveer Singh is a star in the making. Is he accident prone? Or just plain unlucky! When Ranveer Singh was asked about his health, he said, “I had a serious back injury while filming ‘Lootera’, which put me out of action for three months. Beside the injury, there have just been a few cuts and bruises. When one performs highly intense physical sequences these things are bound to happen. One has to strike a balance between being careful and being immersed in the moment. It’s an occupational hazard. My nani removed my ‘nazar’ recently and since then I’ve been fine.”

Seems to be a case of ‘nazar’ according to him. Someone is envious of his meteoric rise in such a short span of time in the industry. Though that at still does not explain why Ranveer Singh is seen wearing dark sunglasses all the time, even at night!

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