God Is ‘One’ In Galaxy: Salman Khan

Salman Khan outside 'Galaxy' his home in Bandra, Mumbai
Salman Khan outside ‘Galaxy’ his home in Bandra, Mumbai

MUMBAI: After hosting a lavish Eid celebration, Salman Khan and his family are now celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in their Galaxy apartments in Bandra, in a truly secular way.

“We brought in Lord Ganesha 11 years ago because Arpita (Salman’s little sister) insisted. She was very keen and took it upon herself to organize every detail of the festival.

As she promised, she has been organising it single-handedly every year since then,” said mother Salma Khan. In the one-and-a-half days that Ganesha resides in Galaxy, the religious rules of the festival are strictly adhered to. Non-vegetarian food and alcohol are banned. Instead, the kitchen turns out delicacies like modak, masale bhaat, puri and aloo bhaji, vatlidal, pitthi and chana usal.

“I love cooking and feeding people. During Ganpati and Eid, I work in the kitchen with the assistance of my cooks,” added Salma.

Salman’s home is very modern and cosmopolitan, where Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity co-exist happily. “I feel blessed to be born and brought up in a house that respects every religion. The credit goes to mom, dad and Helen aunty. In Galaxy, God is one, though our paths to reach the almighty are different,” said Salman.

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