Here Is How Salman Khan Celebrates Eid And Diwali


Salman-Khan-&-Sonam-Kapoor-4Salman Khan rejoices both the festivals of Eid and Diwali with equal zest. Like the actor even his family, celebrates both the festivals with equal enthusiasm.

Eid and Diwali are fêted flamboyantly in the actor’s house. He gives away a lot of Eidi and Kharchi to all the kids of friends and family during the two festivals.

Thereby Salman’s nieces and nephews look forward to both the occasions as he offers them lots of Eidi during Eid as well as Kharchi during Diwali, thereby they receive festive money not once but twice in a year.

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The actor’s generosity and love for kids is known to all. His bigheartedness is clearly visible with his niece and nephews as well.The actor’s style is surely unique !

Spokesperson of the film confirms, “Salman believes in celebrating Eid and Diwali with equal festivities. He is very fond of his niece and nephews and gives away a lot of kharchi and eidi to all the kids of friends and family

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