Here’s Why Prabhas Made A Volleyball Court In His House!

Prabhas has a constructed a volleyball court in his house which has a specialized sand court which helps in training body for mobility and improving reflexes. Since he had bulked up aggressively… this was key requirement for Prabhas. Playing in sand court is extremely difficult.

Volleyball as a sport also exercises many parts of the body and allows the  player to develop skills to work well with others.
Prabhas had trained a lot for Baahubali, as a part of his training he had also played a lot of Volleyball.
Prabhas had played so much Volleyball that he ended up mastering the sport and also created a volleyball court in his home.

Prabhas has not only just trained himself in the gym, but he had also indulged himself in a lot of outdoor activities and sports in order to train himself for his character.

Prabhas being a fitness freak has developed a lot of affinity and fondness for Volleyball as the sport utilizes whole body’s muscles during the game.

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