Here’s Why Sidharth Malhotra Doesn’t Want To Hang Out With Alia Bhatt


Sidharth Malhotra rules the hearts of young girls. This year is gonna be great for his fans as he is offering a mixture of roles in different films. He seems to be changing gears in his Bollywood career. And with the change comes a different taste for his Well-wishers.

At an interview, he recently said that he is excited for his upcoming film with Jacqueline Fernandez. He said, “Reload is almost done. Only one song has to be shot. It will be coming out in August 2017. Me and Jacqueline Fernandez are in the movie. This is an action movie, with some humor in it. To me, it is a popcorn flick. Next month, I will start shooting for Ittefaaq, which is a murder mystery, I have never done the movie on such a subject, so I am really excited for it too“.

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The contrast in the films shows how much he is willing to experiment his different roles. He was spotted with Alia Bhatt recently and when asked about it, he said, “So I should not go out with Alia” Adding, “It’s not about getting spotted with anyone. Whenever we go to any public place, you guys (Media) are everywhere, to click our pictures. We are friends, so I don’t think there is any kind of problem in getting clicked with your friends.”

Well! Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt have been great friends since their debut films. And why would they even bother about being clicked when they’ve expressed their love and friendship for each other as co-stars.