Hrithik Roshan On Bed Rest For Three Weeks


hrithik-InjuredYou would expect that a person who is prone to injuries will be careful with every step but it seems for some people grave injuries too cannot change their will. Hrithik Roshan had more injuries than he did films. Yet the actor is relentless and pays little to no heed to caution. Recently, he again hurt himself while working out and as a result, is roaming around with his arm housed in a sling. This has put him out of work for three weeks.

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According to reports, Hrithik was working when he hurt his arm. In fact, the particular was aching for sometime now and this only aggravated the situation. The doctor has advised him to give it three weeks of rest. They are yet to figure out what caused the pain in the first place. This has apparently derailed his Mohenja Daro shoot. Hrithik was trying to get into a lean and fit look for the same movie when the mishap happened.

It is amazing how an actor who believes in staying fit takes his health so lightly. Time and again he has suggested people to take care of their body because that’s where the wealth lies and here he is out to serve it with pain and agony. Well Hrithik, one should practice what one preaches. That’s the rule…just saying!

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