Hrithik Roshan’s Injuries And Surgeries

Hrithik-RoshanHrithik-Roshan3[tps_footer]Hrithik Roshan and injuries go hand in hand. He is a fit guy who takes to staying healthy very seriously. But this hasn’t stopped him from being prone to accidents and mishaps. Many rue that he goes overboard with the whole ‘getting into the skin of the character’ concept. Also, at times he pushes himself too much leading to mishaps. In last three years, he went through three surgeries!

Bang Bang! is a slick action thriller and a remake of Knight and Day. It is true that the story needs daring stunts but again Hrithik went overboard. While doing a stunt, he hurt himself so badly that his brain developed clots. He tried to ignore it by taking pain killers but when things went worse, he had to get a brain surgery done.

During the shoot of Agneepath, Hrithik Roshan hurt himself badly when tried to lift Sanjay Dutt. His back was badly broken due to this incident and the shoot had to be stalled. He had to recover from it before hitting the floor.

While shooting Krrish 3, he fell from 50 feet high building when the harness broke during the stunt. Fortunately, he survived the fall and was left with only bruises.

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