Anushka Sharma Speaks Up On Salman Khan’s Raped Woman Controversy




Salman Khan, not very long ago, made a very insensitive remark towards women which sent the entire nation into fury. The superstar said in an interview that the workout on the sets of Sultan made him feel as tired as a ‘raped woman.’ The comment turned out to be an ugly controversy and the actor received a lot of flak from the nation. However, the actor never came out to speak on the topic or to give an explanation. Neither did anyone involved in the film and the topic was clearly avoided by everyone.

Well, the film released a week ago and was a smashing hit. Now that all is over and the film too has rocked the show, the leading lady of Sultan, Anushka Sharma has finally come out to speak on the entire controversy. The star called Salman’s remark very insensitive and did condemn it. Here’s her take on the issue-

Firstly, I want to find out what made him say it. Is it really true that he said that? After that, a lot has been spoken about it. Obviously, we all understand that it was rather insensitive. But now, when I look at it today, when everything is happening, there are so many debates that went on air, I feel yes, it was insensitive and something that I was a bit surprised by. If it was said the way it was. But what it made me really think of is that all of us have a responsibility towards what we speak… in any place and not just publicly. Celebrities, more so! That is something which if you don’t think of, you are going to be in a situation like this,” She said.

The actress also said that she doesn’t have very close relations with Salman. The actress has just done 1 film with Salman and doesn’t consider that she is close enough to advise him to apologise to the audience. She also said that he found him very intimidating and their equation was more like colleagues working together.

The actress added, “I find him very intimidating. He is someone who will not go out of his way to make you feel comfortable. He is going to be himself and do his thing. And I’m very shy as a person. So I can’t bridge that gap either. I can’t break that ice because I know I am not very good at it myself. In any case, we don’t have an equation where we can have conversations. In fact, we have not spoken about anything in the time that I shot for the film with him. We have only spoken during group discussions with Ali (Abbas Zafar), and the ADs. I don’t have that place where I would go and tell him that. He is an adult man and he knows what he needs to do. And I don’t need to go tell somebody what they should be thinking, doing or saying.”

This comes immediately after Sultan’s director Ali Abbas Zafar made a very sexist comment yesterday saying that women must give up their career when pregnant. We wonder what would be Anushka’s take on this issue as she has portrayed a role which supports such sexist ideology.