I Will Be More Careful Now: Hrithik Roshan


MUMBAI: Hrithik Roshan, who recently suffered a brain injury and had to even undergo surgery for it, concedes that he will be more careful regarding action stunts in his films, going forward.


“I assure everyone, I will be even more careful now!” smiled the light-eyed handsome superstar.

The superstar actor reportedly suffered a head injury while shooting a dangerous action sequence for his upcoming film ‘Bang Bang’ in Bangkok, and was operated upon in Mumbai’s Hinduja hospital subsequently. Hrithik has been advised a four-week bed rest by doctors, and that has pushed back his shooting schedules considerably.

Hrithik, who has always been a workaholic, says he is finding it difficult to be confined to a bed for 18 hours a day. “I’ve gone from 18 hours of work to 18 hours in bed. It seems like a challenge that I must make the best of. Life is always going to be unpredictable and problems are always going to exist,” says the actor.

Agreeing that he could perhaps have been more careful while shooting the stunt, Hrithik said there is scope for improvement in safety precautions in Bollywood. “There is always scope to improve and grow where precautions are concerned. But so far I have never had any complaints per se.”

“I am also full of gratitude, especially for all the love and support my family received. They are the ones who had to go through worse,” he says, adding, “I on the other hand had a great time,” added Hrithik.

Hrithik Roshan’s next release will be father Rakesh Roshan’s ‘Krrish 3’, which releases in November this year.