It’s A FLOP! Parineeti’s Bland Casuals, Alia’s Bare Midriff

This week, Parineeti Chopra, Alia Bhatt and Rani Mukherji land up in list of the worst dressed women of the week.

MUMBAI: This week, Parineeti Chopra and Rani Mukherji committed fashion faux pas at the big Aamir Khan party, while Alia Bhatt appeared on the cover of a magazine, forgetting to dress up similarly good for the magazine’s launch.


Parineeti Chopra: Now we all love Parineeti Chopra. Who doesn’t? Besides being immensely talented, she’s also a natural looker. She looks cute in anything that she wears. But that does not mean she’ll get away with everything. For Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s party which happened post the screening of ‘Ship Of Theseus’, Parineeti Chopra wore a loose white t-shirt that seemed more like home-wear. She paired that with peach-coloured chinos, that would have looked really good had the top been better. And looking at the shoes she wore, it would have been better had Parineeti not stepped out of home that day.


Rani Mukherji: Yellow? We love yellow. It’s a good colour and quite underused by Bollywood. But it’s also about choosing the right shade of yellow. The one Rani Mukheji chose was a very bright and gaudy shade of yellow that just hit the eye. Also, the top! What is it with actresses this week not choosing the right top? A white almost transparent top over that yellow pants does not suit the ‘Talaash’ actress. Her handbag, although nice, could not be the saving grace.


Alia Bhatt: The little we know of the Bhatt girl, we know that she is a fashion conscious person. That is why she was on the cover for a magazine this week. And then she goes ahead with wearing this combination of pink and black for the launch of the magazine. We love those high-heeled shoes, but what about the rest? There’s something very off about the whole thing. Usually pink and black make a great companion, but not here. Also, isn’t the skirt a little too high? And the less said about the blouse, the better. It just does not meld with the rest of the outfit. And all this at the launch of the magazine where she’s on the cover.


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