Priyanka Chopra, Mary Kom Head Out On A Road Trip!


MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra recently paid a visit to superstar boxer Mary Kom’s residence in Manipur.


Priyanka, who is gearing up to portray the Olympian’s life and times on screen, recently embarked on a road trip to Manipur, to mingle with Mary Kom in her home town.

She posted a series of tweets and pictures of her visit to Manipur:

Mary Kom, too, was excited to meet the Bollywood superstar who will be essaying her life on celluloid. “It was very exciting when we got to know that a superstar is coming to my place. We welcomed her with our traditional folk dance Kom Khurpi Lam. She tried to dance too and I also joined her.”

She added that Priyanka was diligent in her study, and wanted to emulate Kom to perfection on screen: “Priyanka wanted to know how I talk and was also keen to know about my interests. I am glad Priyanka is playing me in the film.”

Among the places the duo visited, Mary Kom’s birthplace and her school were what Priyanka was excited to see. Priyanka also reportedly interacted with Mary’s family members and tried the traditional wrap-around skirt.