Javed Akhtar Hospitalized



Javed Akhtar has been admitted to hospital after he complained of acute back pain in Delhi. He was suffering from backache for few days but his pain aggravated when he attended the 175 year celebrations of the Times Of India at Purana Qila. He had severe back pain for the past few days but he did not feel like skipping the event where his favourite singer Sonu Nigam performed.

Javed Akhtar was not in good shape even before he left for the event and was supposed to attend the function for a bit and return home. But, as the event started, he got so emotional that he could not leave the function and stayed there till the end. The following day he complained of severe backache and was rushed to a hospital. After three days of excessive pain, he has been able to sit up and also take a few steps. The doctors informed that he will be discharged in two-three days. He was advised rest for few days.

Wife Shabana Azmi, daughter Zoya and daughter-in-law Adhuna Akthar rushed from Mumbai the moment they got to know of this.

“Javed has been suffering from a bad back for a while now. He complained of a spasm just before he left for the 175-year celebration of The Times Of India in the capital last Thursday. He took an injection to relieve the pain and took the flight,” said a very worried Shabana.

She believes that sitting at the function for five hours in the biting cold at Purana Qila aggravated his condition. In the morning Javed just froze and could not move. He yelled for help and the caretaker had to break the washroom glass since the bedroom door was locked to get him out. He made Javed lie down and that’s when he realized he was immobile. A doctor was called, injections given and he was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

Of what we know, there is no surgery required and he is recovering. Here’s hoping that he gets well soon.