Kamya Punjabi REVEALS The Real Reason Behind Her Split With Karan Patel!


A couple of years ago, Kamya Punjabi and Karan Patel were the most talked-about couple of television industry. Unfortunately, the two parted ways and their break up is still a mystery for everyone. Few months after their terrible break up that disappointed many fans, Karan went ahead and married television actress Ankita Bhargava in July 2016.

Though Kamya and Karan spoke about their break up in public but never gave out any reason behind their shocking fallout. Now in an interview with Spotboye.com, Kamya Punjabi has spoken her hearts and mind out for the first time on her relationship with Karan Patel.

To people who have come in late, Kamya is currently on a mission to release her best friend Pratyusha Banerjee’s last short film. The short film has an uncanny resemblance to Pratyusha as well as Kamya’s real life.

While talking about how Pratyusha went through depression and took the step of suicide, Kamya also revealed that her break up with Karan Patel was not easy.

When asked about Karan Patel suddenly deserted her from his life, Kamya replied, “Absolutely. He simply walked out on me when my world revolved around him. Without my knowledge, he was having an affair.”

Kamya also revealed that how she had to go through depression at that stage, but fortunately, with the help of counselling she managed to come out.

When asked if she is being aware of men now, Kamya said, “Not really, but yes, I have become a bit bitter in life. As of now, I am very much single and there’s no one on the horizon. Kal ka kisko malum?”

She further added, “Actually it’s written on my forehead ‘Stay away from me’. I would also like to say that the film Hum Kuch Keh Naa Sakey is not just about Pratyusha, it’s about depression. Do you know that I had gone into a depression when my man left me in the lurch? It was a depression of the worst kind, it could have killed me. I couldn’t step out of my room for many days. Thank God, I realised that I was undergoing depression and took help. I am also getting my counsellor on stage on the day when the Pratyusha film is launched.”

Well, we hope this strong woman finds her soulmate soon!