Karan Johar Is The Most Eligible Bachelor: Mallika Sherawat


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MUMBAI: Mallika Sherawat has once again proved she has a bad case of ‘foot-in-the-mouth’ syndrome, when she admitted Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar is the most eligible bachelor!

At a launch of her reality TV show ‘Mere Khayalon ki Mallika’, which is based on a ‘Swayamvar’, Mallika Sherawat said that she would love to date Karan Johar, as she believes he is the “perfect bachelor”.

Dressed in a wine red dress, Mallika was clearly besotted by the 40-year-old filmmaker, when she said: “I think he’s the most eligible bachelor right now. I really like him and would love to date him. I think he’s just perfect for me!”

Explaining the need to come on a reality show to find love, the sexy Mallika revealed, “I am lonely… I am looking for love. I mean it’s about time I find a companion. And also, I’d like people to see the other side of me… the emotional and real Mallika that’s beyond all this glamour and sensuality.”

So does this mean she’ll be shifting base back to Mumbai, after L.A? “I never shifted to LA! I’ve always been here. I go to LA. only for work and my projects… and, of course, for socialising,” stated Mallika, matter-of-factly.

Enlisting the qualities she’s looking for in a future husband, Mallika said: “He has to be an intelligent and sensitive man, with guts to break all rules like me.”

Comparing herself to mythological legends like Draupadi and Sita, Mallika signs off by saying, “Draupadi, Sita… all chose their husbands through a swayamvara… Somewhere down the line it all got lost as the society gradually turned more and more regressive. I want to bring back that age and choose my own companion. If Draupadi, Sita could, so can I!”