When Katrina Kaif And Deepika Padukone Were Just A Wall Apart



We all knew that Bang Bang actress Katrina Kaif has been flying in and out of Delhi for quite some time now, after wrapping up her Kashmir scheduled Fitoor shoot. All her previous Delhi visits were personal. Katrina wanted to spend some time with her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, who is in Delhi shooting for his upcoming film Tamasha along with ex flame Deeepika Padukone, so she made frequent trips to Delhi. Katrina used to join Ranbir during his Tamasha shoots. During these visits, there came a time when Katrina and Deepika were just a wall apart.

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According to recent reports, Katrina and Deepika stayed in the same floor of the same hotel. Team of Tamasha and Katrina, who was there to visit Ranbir, attended a party thrown by one of the crew members. During this time, Katrina and Deepika’s rooms were right next to each other. Katrina and Deepika are not known to be good friends, or friends at all, yet, Katrina had no problem staying in a suite next to Deepika‘s. Infact, Bang Bang star was totally comfortable and wanted to stay on the same floor, accompanied by boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor.

Well, it’s good thing that there was no awkward moment between the actresses.

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