Kevin Spacey Loves To Be Challenged



He’s best known for his role as bloodthirsty president Frank Underwood, but Kevin Spacey’s latest character is a little more – well, it’s an unusual choice.

The Golden Globe-winning actor will play a cat called Mr Fuzzy Pants in new movie Nine Lives, also starring Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken.

When asked on why he takes up challenging roles, he responded,’I love to be challenged. I love it when a director suggests that I do something I hadn’t thought of, or says, “I didn’t believe a word that just came out of your mouth, so let’s try it again.” There is a process that a brilliant director will allow an actor to go through. For example, I might have been playing something in a particular way in rehearsals, and then finally, in the fourth preview, the director will say, “You know, in that moment, I think you should do this.” You’re like, “Whoa—I’ve been doing it the other way for six weeks.” But now you know more about the character, and you’re finally ready for that note. It’s not just giving great direction; it’s knowing when to give it.’