Here’s Why Shah Rukh Khan Is Feeling Inadequate, Unattractive And Lonely?



Shah Rukh Khan is hyperactive on his social media accounts. The actor always manages to express his thoughts and moods online. Fans love his tweet and posts on Instagram. Each of his new posts is either informative or funny.

Well, SRK again proved why he is the King of Wit. The actor posted a picture on Instagram and it is hilarious. He captioned the pic as, ‘Feeling extremely inadequate, unattractive & lonely. Been on the road for 45 mins & not one Pokemon has come to me. Not even a Pidgey or a Rattata’.

Well, giving such a serious and funny caption with a cute pic, only SRK can do. We all know many people have caught the fever of Pokemon Go. Even celebs are addicted to this game. We already know the Baadshah is a fan of this game too. With his recent post, he clearly showed us how obsessed he is with the game that he is playing it from last 45 minutes. Well, don’t worry SRK! Just like your films, where you have to struggle to get your love, you’ll get Pokémon too. Kyunki Kehte




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