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Is Shah Rukh Khan Playing Pokemon Go At Aryan’s Orientation Programme?...

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Pokemon Go And Bollywood Celebrities

‘Pokemon Go’ is a reality mobile game developed by Niantic Inc and published by The Pokemon Company

Here’s Why Shah Rukh Khan Is Feeling Inadequate, Unattractive And Lonely?

Shah Rukh Khan is hyperactive on his social media accounts.

Guess Which Actress Is The Latest To Join The Pokemon Go...

Bollywood celebrities are not away from catching this trend. Tinsel townies too have not only started playing the game but also are getting addicted to it.

Video: Anushka Sharma Is Hunting Pokemon Go And Looks Like She...

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is the latest from the film industry who is addicted to the game.

Rihanna: I Don’t Want To See You Catching Any Pokémons Up...

Pokemon Go’, the location based reality mobile App was released by ‘Niantic’ in july 2016. As soon as the game was released, the players went crazy over it.

Lol! Varun Dhawan Is on A Pokémon Go Spree

The viral fever of Pokémon Go is catching on highly amongst the masses.