What We Learnt About Kapil Sharma?


Kapil Sharma Main cover[tps_footer]Kapil Sharma has been entertaining us for a long time now. He may plan his skits but stands out for him are his on-the-spot jokes that leave us in splits. But as they say don’t go by the smile on a clown’s face. There is always a back story. Kapil too has certain instances in his life when he was faced with dire challenges. Kapil opened up on The Anupam Kher Show and this is what we learnt anew about him.

  1. Kapil’s father Jeetendra Sharma died of cancer and the comedian still regrets not able to cure him due to lack of money.
  2. His father loved scotch and he wishes his father was still alive so that he can bring him the world’s best scotch because now he can.
  3. Nearly whole of Kapil’s family is in Police Force.
  4. Kapil has donemany odd jobs before success struck him. He’s worked in a PCO, cloth mill and even picked crates of soft drinks.
  5. Kapil was rejected in India’s Laughter Challenge but was later asked to return. He went on to win the show.

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