Look Who Is Giving Competition To Shah Rukh Khan On His Jabra Fan


Shah-Rukh-Khan[tps_footer]Shah Rukh Khan is such a big star and a Badshah of B-Town, so who can probably, give him a competition right now when he is at the peak of his career and is successfully maintaining it. Is Salman Khan Shah Rukh Khan rivalry starting, again ? Noooo.. Not again. Did he get miffed with Aamir Khan ?? Or is it any of the new generation stars like Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor or any one else who is trying to match steps with SRK ??

Well, none of them. Chill people !! No controversy here, only love love love and appreciation, especially if we have hard working performers like Shah Rukh to talk about. This time its not his Indian fans but his die hard cute little fans, Turkish twins who are grabbing our attention and are making us smile so brightly as we did after watching SRK’s energy and crazy moves in the fan anthem “Jabra Fan”. These Turkish twins have dressed up like SRK and spotted similar hair style, a bit longer, but same charm and fun.

Watching this even SRK couldn’t stop himself from expressing his opinion on this fan video,

Haha… Expected from Shah Rukh to give a hilarious take on this video. But it also shows that just like fans keep a close watch at every move Shah Rukh makes, even he is equally vigilant enough to keep a track of what efforts his fans are making for him and the different ways they show their love and support to him.

Shah Rukh is playing double role in “Fan”, he will play Gaurav who is a big, crazy fan of the Superstar Aaryan Khanna in the flick, which is again played by Shah Rukh, himself. No wonder why he mentioned about having a twin in real life.

We are happy to know he never misses out on bringing a big smile on his fans faces by responding to them and appreciate them, especially his cute little fans. That love from kids, is so real and natural. Can’t help it but adore them more and more. We are waiting to watch some more performances on SRK’s Fan Anthem. Are you next to upload something like this ??