Mira Rajput Has A Surprise Birthday Bash For Shahid Kapoor!


Shahid-Kapoor-Mira-Rajput[tps_footer]Shahid Kapoor will be celebrating his 35th Birthday tomorrow and Mira Rajput Kapoor is all set to make this birthday a very special and memorable one. She is doing everything to make it a birthday that Sasha would always want. That’s sooo sweeeet Mira !! She has also invited her and Shahid‘s friends and family to make it even more special and celebrate 10 times more with friends then just the couple, themselves.


When it was Mira‘s birthday, Shahid went out of his way to show his love and celebrated her special day and invited everyone close to Mira on her birthday and arranged for a small, cozy party for her. He even shared one of their cute wedding pic on social media. Which we all know, Shahid just can’t live without sharing pics of his wife online and keep the romance alive even after marriage. So, now it’s Mira‘s turn to show her love and give the best birthday surprise to Shahid. Although, giving cute babies will ultimately be the best gift but that will take time. We will have to wait even more for that but not for Shahid‘s birthday party, which is tomorrow. Happy Birthday in advance Shahid Kapoor.


I don’t think they will go to Goa, it’s one of the most favorite places of Shahid Kapoor. But I feel, Mira will keep this party very warm and private. This will be the first birthday of Shahid Kapoor that he will celebrate after marriage and lovely wife Mira is leaving no stone unturned to make it his best birthday gift ever “a special party” just for him, only with his loved ones.

Wahhh.. Biwi ho toh aisi… We will have to wait till tomorrow to know everything about the celebration of Shahid‘s Birthday. But you are free to give some innovative ideas here for our dear birthday boy. How would you like to celebrate Shahid‘s birthday or plan it, if you would have the opportunity to do so ???[/tps_footer]