Mother’s Day Special: Top 10 On-Screen Bollywood Moms Who Created Landmark


Featured-Mothers-day          Bollywood is incomplete without the word ‘Maa’, the obsession of having a mother in the film is beyond history. Be it a modern story with gays, a love story with intimacy or an action thriller, mothers are always a part of these sequences. As they say the world is a horrendous to place to live in without moms-Bollywood abides religiously to this mantra.Mothers-day-TabuThe intense Tabu: In the film Haider, Tabu won immense positive accolades with her acting. The hyper talented actress played mother to the young lad Shahid Kapoor. With her serious tone and magnificent expressions, the actress is surely a queen of acting amongst all. No wonder the character was loved by all and moreover was appreciated by everyone. Must say, she is a school of talent!Mothers-day-DostanaHyper Punjabi MomKirron Kher the loudest of all mothers in history is an epic in her own self. She played Abhishek Bachchan’s mother in the film Dostana, the Punjabi genes are filled in Kirron Kher, and the scene where she comes to know her son is gay is epic. The typical Indian mom can’t bear the truth and shouts “Nahiii”. No wonder Kirron Kher makes one of the most interesting moms in all her films!Mothers-day-ramleelaRam-Leela’s hard hitting momSupriya Pathak is already a favourite after the series Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, the veteran and an expert that she is, won millions of hearts with her role as Dhankor Baa portraying Deepika Padukone’s mother in the film Ram-Leela. Supriya Pathak played a hard core criminal mom with super enigmatic dialogues. The scene where she cuts her daughter’s finger came as a shock. This scary mom predicts mothers can be dangerous too!Mothers-day-Kabhi-Kushi-Kabhi-GhamKabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham’s melodramatic mom: Jaya Bachchan who plays the role of Shah Rukh Khan’s and Hrithik Roshan’s mother in the film Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham, is a magician as she can see his son approaching her even when he is not present, with a pooja ki thali and tears in her eyes, she is the undoubtedly the most convincing!Mothers-day-2-states2 States Over protective mother: Amrita Singh who played the role of Arjun Kapoor’s mother in the film 2 states, was truly convincing. The character has some amazing sarcastic dialogues which lured the audience. The mother of 2 states portrayed a simple middle class mother who is over protective about her son and doesn’t want him to marry outcaste, she made the audience believe in her almost real like character. We have all been through such mommy tantrums, right!Mothers-day-SrideviAlways convincing Sridevi: The gorgeous lady Sridevi played the character of Shashi in the film English Vinglish, who was also a mother to two children in the film. As simple as she is, Sridevi did immense justice to the character. Her role as a person who is strong willed but still under the shackles of her family is an amazing sight. With her vigor to learn English, the character touched many hearts including the youngster’s.Mothers-day-taare-zameen-parTisca Chopra the cuddliest mom: The film which made us all cry; Taare Zameen Par also is imbibed in the audience’s mind because of Tisca Chopra. She played the role of a mother to Darsheel Safary (the main protagonist) and Sachet Engineer. Her lovable attitude towards her son Ishaan (Darsheel Safary) surely made us cry and sob. Tisca Chopra surely reminded us how a mother is a bundle of emotions!Mothers-day-NargisMother India’s struggling mom: Nargis; the most iconic mother of the Hindi Film Industry is still looked upon as the heroic of all moms. The film Mother India is an emotionally driven film, where a poverty stricken mother struggles to raise her two children amidst all shackles of society. Must say this mother can bring tears to your eyes!Mothers-day-ram-lakhanMere Karan Arjun Aayenge Mom: One of the most scenic dialogues in the history of Bollywood is undoubtedly “Mere Karan Arjun Aayenge”, Raakhee who plays the most dramatic mom to Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in the film Karan Arjun is magnificent in all her scenes. With crying and shedding tears in all shots, this mother is full of saline waters and a damsel in trouble. She is still adored by number of people.Mothers-day-Vicky-DonorVicky Donor’s drunkard mom: Dolly Alhuwalia changed the stereotypical image of moms on-screen crazily. In the film Vicky Donor the actress plays the role of a mother to Ayushmann Khurrana who is a young lad too lazy to work but loves spending money. The lady is super entertaining when she shares a glass of whiskey with her mother-in-law, it was truly enthralling and a sight to remember! Girls wish to have such mother in laws right!