MS Dhoni’s Coach Is Awe Struck By Sushant Singh Rajput


[tps_footer]Sushant Singh Rajput has taken a lot of effort, done umpteen amount of research while preparing for his role in ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story‘ which is very evident in the record breaking trailer of the movie.

Off lately, Dhoni‘s coach KR Banerjee has seen few gushes of the film and he just cannot stop praising Sushant.

He is extremely happy on Sushant being chosen to play his favorite student on celluloid.

KR Banerjee has been someone who been essential part in giving us our cricket sensation Dhoni !

Dhoni‘s coach has been a rock solid support to him and Its KR Banerjee who saw the underlying potential in Dhoni.
KR Banerjee‘s character is undoubtedly a part of the film, played by Rajesh Sharma.


Dhoni has a particular style in which he stands on field, a peculiar way he holds his bat, and Sushant has got it bang on!. He has managed to pick up the subtle nuances of what Dhoni is on the cricket field.

Sushant saw lots of videos of the mighty player playing on field; in fact he has been glued to the screen whenever he sees him on screen. All this homework Sushant had done even before the formal training of the film had started.

Mr Coach has been highly impressed and in awe of how smoothly Sushant has been able to emote Dhoni.

In fact Sushant Singh trained for cricketer under the same taskmaster Kiran More who coached Dhoni. Sushant wanted to be doubly sure that he gets it sure on .

Sushant has undergone rigorous training sessions to look like the celebrity cricket captain and with the amount of appreciation pouring in for him, seems like he has it on point.


Sushant on training to play DhoniOn Second or the third day of the training , Kiran More who was my trainer , asked me to wicket keep. And i always thought it was an easy job . But let me tell u in 30-40 sec i could not sit in that posture for 10 sec. I got backache, cramps in my chord, broke my finger , bruised all over and its such a tough job . I now have immense respect for the all cricketers.

The film has created immense hype having its fans waiting crazily for its release ! The trailer of the film was seen trending across widely.

Sushant‘s rendition of Dhoni has been receiving appreciation from all quarters since the release of the trailer. The actor has certainly got into the skin of his character.

The trailer created a new benchmark by shattering all records and garnering the fastest 10 million views in less than 36 hours.

Helmed by ace director Neeraj Pandey, produced by Arun Pandey and Fox Star studios, the film which is one of the most anticipated films of the year is all set to release on September 30th, 2016.[/tps_footer]

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