After Niharika Singh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Ex-Girlfriend Sunita Rajwar Lashes Out At Him!

After Niharika Singh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Ex-Girlfriend Sunita Rajwar Lashes Out At Him!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s recently released memoir, ‘An Ordinary Life’, has managed to hit headlines. In the book, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has revealed about his past relationships and the two women, who have been explicitly named in it, are ex-girlfriend Niharika Singh and his first girlfriend, Sunita Rajwar. Niharika Singh denied having a relationship with Nazwa and said that they had a fleeting affair which lasted only a few months.

Now, his alleged first girlfriend Sunita Rajwar has called out Nawaz’s description of their relationship in the book. “I took a bucket of fresh white paint and began to replace her artwork on my walls with the blank canvas that they were before,” says Nawaz in the book. He even went on to justify that maybe Sunita wanted to “date someone successful, not a struggling, desperate actor who was out of work.” And he also goes on to say “today, Sunita tells everybody that she was once together with me in a very serious relationship.”

Nawazuddin had also written that he would never ever get emotional in a relationship. The actor mentioned that the end of a relationship affected him so much that he was depressed and was even thinking of suicide.

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However, Sunita, in a long Facebook post, rubbishes the claim. Talking about the break-up, Sunita says that Nawaz has always been a sympathy seeker. As Nawazuddin has mentioned that his financial status was why Sunita left him. In the long post, Sunita asks him why he forgets that she was much more of a struggle at the time than him. While Nawaz had his own house to put up in, she had to move into a friend’s apartment.

Revealing the reality about their separation, Sunita says that the actor had been revealing intimate details of their affair with some mutual friends while making fun of it. When Sunita got to know about all these, she decided to part ways.

Sunita finally also writes, “I did not leave you because you were poor, but because of your poor way of thinking.”

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