No Sanjay Dutt In ‘Ghanchakkar’


MUMBAI: Raj Kumar Gupta’s much awaited movie ‘Ghanchakkar’ starring Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan initially had Sanjay Dutt playing himself in a cameo. However, due to the unavoidable circumstances of Sanjay Dutt’s on going court case, the actor is not able to commit to the project. 

Reportedly, Raj Kumar who wrote the part for Sanjay Dutt has now decided to scrap the scene, because he cannot wait for the actor’s dates to be finalised.

Although it is a bit part and will not take much of Sanjay Dutt’s time, the director is not willing to take the risk because he has a release deadline to meet.

Raj Kumar Gupta says, “It is true that I have had Sanjay Dutt in mind for ‘Ghanchakkar’. The scene could have only been possible with him, but I have realised that we cannot shoot it right now. I cannot even replace him. Without him the scene did not make sense as it would have had Sanjay playing himself. It was a very situational scene. However, it won’t be in my movie anymore.”

Meanwhile Sanjay Dutt has just finished shooting and dubbing for ‘Policegiri’. That will be his next major release.

It is also said that ‘Alibaug’ could well be Sanjay Dutt’s next film to hit the marquee, scripted by Sanjay Gupta. The portions of Dutt, who plays the main character in the movie, has already been shot and dubbed. This film has been long in the making and has been delayed several times, because of the actor-director love-hate relationship. A source says, “Since the two Sanjay’s have reconciled, they have mutually decided to quickly bring ‘Alibaug’ to screen. Had they not patched up, Alibaug would never be released”.

Sanjay is now working in shifts to complete his undone projects before surrender. It seems Raj Kumar Hirani’s, ‘P.K’ is Sanjay Dutt’s top priority. From one Raj Kumar to another.