Om Puri Speaks About Wife Nandita’s Accusation

Om Puri, who was allegedly 'absconding', spoke up about his wife Nandita's accusation of domestic violence against him.


MUMBAI: Om Puri, who was allegedly “absconding” after his wife filed a domestic violence complaint against him has spoken out about the entire issue.

The veteran actor said that he had no choice but to seek out anticipatory bail and he also felt that the legal system went soft on women in such cases. He also mentioned that he had never hit Nandita with any stick and that he never had any stick at home. He did have a decorative cane at home, initially bought by Nandita herself, but he was ready to send it to the forensic lab to get it tested. “There is a bamboo cane at home, a decorative item purchased by Nandita. I am ready to send that for forensic tests,” the actor said.

Om Puri said that on the particular day that Nandita filed the complaint, she had approached him to pay her Rs 10,000 for the ten girls who had tied a rakhi for their son Ishaan. She also asked Rs 3000 for a mobile phone which she had gifted to the maid as the maid too had tied a rakhi to Ishaan. That’s when Om Puri put his foot down and the matter escalated from there. He said, “I put my foot down. The next thing I knew I was accused of domestic violence. I never thought our marriage will come to such a sorry pass.”

Om Puri said that over the past many years, Nandita used to spend her lot as her tastes were elitist compared to his tastes that were simple. He also believes that their son Ishaan is under her influence. “I am going to request the Court to provide me access to him on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays,” he said.

At the same time Om Puri denied any allegations of having a relationship currently with ex-wife Seema. “At the age of 64? I can’t write properly, my signature has changed because my hands shake. How will I indulge in adultery?” he shockingly said.

Whichever way this goes, the outcome doesn’t look good. We hope everyone comes out in good shape.

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