OMG! Sapna Bhavnani Calls Salman Khan A Monkey And A Male Chauvinistic Pig


[tps_footer]Sapna Bhavnani who went on a public tiff with superstar Salman Khan on the reality show Bigg Boss has made some shocking revelations. The celebrity who was a contestant on the show was very frank on her hatred for host Salman. Sapna who has been very vocal about her life has now revealed something eye-grabbing about the show and its host the Dabangg Khan.

Sapna Bhavnani gained all the headlines when she opened up about her gang rape. The daredevil star immediately got labeled as the fearless celebrity. Yet again Bhavnani has thrown some grave allegations on Salman.


Opening about her Bigg Boss days, Sapna commented, “Actually a lot of people told me, I was warned that you shouldn’t talk about him (Salman Khan) like that because you could get killed, and I was like, ‘what!’ I had heard rumours, but I have been channelling this ‘no fear’ thing for the past four years and I am not going to let a monkey scare me. I have been through a gang rape, I know what it feels like, I am a surviving member… there is nothing worse you can do to me really.”


The outspoken talent bundle further commented on her experience in Bigg Boss saying, “You have a male chauvinistic f***ing pig as a host of this f***ing show, that insults people, so people watch the show, and people worship him on the show because people want a job in one f his stupid f***-all movies where he dances like a monkey – that’s Bigg Boss in a nutshell.”

Apart from these glaring confessions, Sapna Bhavnani is moving on with her career as a writer. Sapna is soon going to make her literary debut.

Credits- Hindustan Times

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